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Organic Box with Selected Imports n Vegetables,Local Eggs, Extra Fruits.

Eggs - Barn Eggs
Eggs - Premium Grade White Eggs

Samson GB9001 Replacement Parts
-Samson GB9001 Replacement Parts
Samson Gear GB 9001 Juicer
Samson Gear GB 9002 Juicer
Samson Gear GB 9003 Juicer
Samson Gear GB 9004 Juicer
Samson Gear GB 9005 Juicer

Red Apple

Brown Button Mushroom
-Organic Hard Vegetables
French Bean
Japanese Cucumber
Red Potato
Sweet Corn
-Organic Leafy Vegetables
Cai Xin Hua
EarthBound - Baby Spinach
EarthBound - Celery
Kai Lan
Local Lettuce
Local Spainch
Mesculin Salad
-Organic Spices n Herbs
Chilli Padi
Lemon Grass
Spring Onion
Sweet Basil
Thai Basil
Organic To Fu

Plants - Rosemary
Seeds - Japanese Cucumber
Seeds - Sweet Corn
Soil - Top Soil Organic Compost (15 litre)

Large Organic gift set
Mid-size Organic gift set
Small Organic gift set
Special Organic gift set

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Aspiring for harmony with our global environment

Recycle everything you can , paper, plastic, glass, newspapers, and more.


Sometimes restoration is really simple, for example sewing on a few missing buttons, raising or lowering a hemline. It can also be quite complex, particularly in an era and economy of planned obsolescence. But it can be done! The old formica table that's been in your home can be cleaned and add a touch of panache to your family room. The leaky soup pot makes a great home for your house plants with a saucer under it. Buy used items and think creatively!


Do you really need that new __________ (insert item you're considering buying)? Is the old one still serviceable? Will your life be measurably changed without it? Most westerners are entirely too enamored by the things we own. Our desire to acquire often leads to stress, fear (of loss), and greed. Make do or do without - it helps everyone.


Buy products without unnecessary packaging. Choose loose vegetables, bulk foods, and items from bins rather than those sealed in plastic. Recognize and support store managers when they stock products with little or no packaging. Consider large or economy-sized items for products that are used frequently (ex. laundry soap & pet foods). Check your tires once a month, since properly inflating your tires improves gas mileage.


Use up your existing stock of paper or foam plates, cups, napkins, and tableware at picnics this summer, and don't buy any more. Whether for home or office, use sturdy cups, dishes, and utensils. Use rechargeable batteries. Use old t-shirts for dusting, sponges for cleaning, and cloth towels for sopping up spills instead of paper towels, use-&-toss dusting cloths, and the like.


Thinks Renewable. Mail your suggestion to us.

Think about what's in the items you buy - what percentage is natural material that will eventually return to the earth? The higher the natural content, the better. Eliminate your use of manmade materials wherever possible.

  • Prepare more of your own meals and snacks. Make a commitment to reduce your use of fast foods, prepared and packaged meals and snack foods by just 10%. You'll be healthier, you'll feel better, and there will be less garbage in our land fill!
  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables when you can ; many grocery stores now carry a small selection. There are many global impacts of putting more and more chemicals into the ground water and soils, in general degrading the quality of both and setting the world up for a time when we won't be able to grow enough food for everyone. Of course, there are also personal health benefits from eating organic foods.
  • Reduce holiday gift wrap by using creative alternatives - fabric that you have in your "scrap" basket; make small gift boxes and envelopes from old greeting cards, calendars, manila envelopes, wallpaper, and more; for large boxes, skip the wrapping all together - just decorate them with big, beautiful bows.
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